The History of Online Casino Gambling

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The gambling industry has not only spread from a small nation in the Caribbean to every corner of the vast world, but it is now worth tens of billions of dollars. Today, online casino gambling is virtually practiced in every country in the world. It is inclusive of the countless number of operators, players, and online casinos. However, the beginning was not all that huge, but it was a humble one. The online casino industry took a few decades to get to the size it is today. This growth was as a result of some favorable factors given below.

The origins of the online gambling industry can be traced from 1994 when the first online casino gambling license was issued in the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. The country amended the regulations on casino gambling to legalize online casinos, effectively enabling operators to apply and get licenses. The licenses allowed the operators to provide online casino gambling services via the internet.

Notably, the level of online gaming was at a very early stage during this time. It was a new concept in the casino gambling industry, and worse still; the internet was still picking momentum. Only people from developed countries had relatively more accessibility to the internet, and in some countries such as Antigua and Barbuda, only the middle class had stable access to the internet. Moreover, online casinos required a dedicated software developer to develop the games. Consequently, it took a bit of some time for the online casinos to have a stable footing, and in late 1994; the Microgaming was released and became the first gambling software.

The availability of the online games set the ball rolling to the next challenge: Online security. Hackers ready to try their skills in new software were lurking all over the internet, and the gaming developers had to safeguard their prize. Fortunately, in 1995, Cryptologic software was launched to provide safe transactions. The improved system was integrated with the Microgaming software to enable online casinos to introduce deposit and cash-outs of real money.

However, it was not all that rosy, and the first real money bet placed on an online casino site took place a year later, 1996. This feat took place at InterCasino that offered 18 online casino games. By 1998, online casino games were so popular to the extent that Microgaming decided to launch the first online progressive slot. Later, Cash Splash modified online casinos to operate like traditional casinos by enabling the placing of bets on specific games that were part of the jackpot that could be won at any particular point of the play. In the same year, Online Poker joined the online casino, and by the year 2000, there were more than 800 online casinos on the internet. Each of these sites offered a substantial number of games and today, excellent online casino sites such as 918kiss offer over a hundred games at any given time.

Many other countries joined in the legalization of online casinos, allowing operators to get licenses to operate legally. Today, almost all countries all over the world allow online casino gambling. Sites such as 918kiss Malaysia operate have both international and local country licenses allowing not only people in Malaysia but from all over the world to sign up and play online casinos. Furthermore, the online casino industry is expected to grow further to unprecedented number in future.