What Is a Roulette Surrender Rule in Casino Betting

Roulette betting is done in selected casinos. This practice provides players with a 2nd chance to profit from money outside bets. According to this rule, the total money should be an even number. This specific rule is applicable only for “outside” bets that pay even money.

This rule comes in three different variations as “en prison”, ”surrender” and ”le partage”. Let us discuss the variations in roulette surrender rule in detail.

En Prison

This roulette surrender rule is valid for the only French roulette wheel. A French roulette gives a higher possibility to win compared to an American roulette or you get 2.703% gain for the house. By applying this rule, the house edge gets lowered reduced further to just 1.35% that strengthens the chances for a player to make more profit.

The only downside is that this rule is not provided by most of the online and land-based casinos in Europe. The rule provides a second chance to the player if he or she has lost on getting a single 0 on the wheel.

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Additional complication

In some casinos, this rule is a bit more complicated. You need to understand this complicacy before you play it. In case of getting a single 0 followed by another single 0 at the time of the next spin, a player gets 3 options.

You can win the bet, lose the bet, or leave the bet to play a few more additional wheel spins. The best option would be to “winning the bet”, but such a circumstance is found to be rare. When you spin two consecutive single zeros, it is more likely that you will the bet.

Le Partage

This is another popular variation in the roulette surrender rule. This variation is mostly seen in the casinos of the United Kingdom. It is similar to the” en prison” rule on a few aspects. If you make an “even-money” outside bet, then “Le Partage” rule will be applied automatically, when you spin a single zero.

The “even-money” bet gets quickly divided by 2. In this way, nearly 50% of the total bet will get recovered to any player, and the remaining 50% will be submitted to the house. In such type of arrangement, there is no method to leave the original bet to play another wheel spin.

Application of a “Le Partage” rule, the house edge gets reduced from 2.70% to 1.35% that benefits all those betters who are playing “even-money” outside bets.


This variation of roulette surrender rule is applicable in casinos in Atlantic City and for the American roulette wheel. The difference between the “Le Partage” variation and surrender is that the latter comes into effect when the winning number is double zero or the single zero.

Application of the “Surrender” rule helps to reduce the house edge from 5.26% to 2.63% that makes it a profit-making opportunity for all players with “even-money” outside bets.


So, with this knowledge, you can apply a roulette surrender rule based on the wheel used and the region. This information will help you make more money while playing in an online casino.